Natural Healing For First-Degree Burns

Published 1 year ago
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Natural Healing For First-Degree Burns
Published 1 year ago


That was something that I should have done before using a home made remedy on all the plants in the garden. The leaves were all brown and curling to the center and the stalks were yellowing. When I explained what I had done, I was told that was a common mistake. I gathered up a sample of leaf from each plant and blogging drove to my local nursery for advice. Although the concentration of 2 Tbsp soap to 1 quart water may be good, blogger what do we know about the soap? What concentration of what chemical is in the soap? The Ivory Ultra that I used was a grease dissolving compound and blog perhaps the chemical used to cut the grease was just too harsh and blogger severely damaged the plant. What most people, blogger myself included, do not take into consideration is the type of soap being used.

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